Friday, May 8

Paints and belligerent car drivers

Firstly, the test painting of a door frame has been successful. Auro gloss paint covers well and gives a nice hard gloss finish when dry, you wouldn't believe it was made from vegetable oils and other stuff. Drying time is a bit long compared to the old plastic paint most people still use. It took 2 days to dry enough for another coat, but it does dry to a 'tacky' level in a few hours, enough to not worry about it getting on clothes. I just need to do the rest now!

Secondly i witnessed an arrogant 4x4 car driver in the Waterlooville Retail Park recently who drove down the cycle/pedestrian path. He did it because he found it difficult to manoeuvre the vehicle and decided he couldn't be bothered to stick to the car routes around the car park. Basically he was taking a short cut, which he obviously thought he was entitled to.

But what was really shocking was the fact that two girls, aged about 14 were already walking along the section of path that he entered. They were forced to get out of his way. When someone shouted out to him and pointed out his error, he just stuck two fingers up at them.

There are many issues about this incident that indicate the sorry state of UK culture and Waterloovile community. The reason why incidents like this happen in the car park, is because Havant Borough Council sold public land to a commercial developer and later gave permission for the car park and retail park to be built.

In this process they also failed to provide equal and adequate routes into Waterlooville for pedestrians and cyclists. Prefering instead to appease the car owning public and large corporate businesses to dominate the built environment agenda, pushing pedestrians and cyclists to the margins. But also the incident shows that many drivers just live in a different world when they get into their vehicles and the bigger the vehicle the less concern they often have for those around them.


Steve said...

I was almost killed the other day using the Pelican Crossing on the Hulbert Road that connects to the London Road/Maurepas Way as an idiot driving a Taxi (complete with passenger) went through a light that had been Red for a good 10+ seconds.

Anonymous said...

It is shocking what you see on the road these days.
I do a fair bit of driving because of my job (I visit severeal schools in Hampshire). But I always stick to 60mph on motorways for optimum fuel efficiency, and no I'm not one of those drivers who sit in the middle lane!

However the number of irate and arrogant drivers you see is unbelivable. I'd have to agree that for some people their personality changes once they're behind the wheel.
Those poor girls probably felt that they were in the wrong.

It's little wonder I see this sort of behaviour mimicked in schools if these 'people' are seen as role-models.

sorry to hear about your experience Steve I think I know the crossing you're on about and a similar thing happened to me once but they hit the front wheel of my bike as I was pushing it across I was slightly peeved to say the least!