Saturday, May 2

Yes, low carbon paints look similar to high carbon paints!

Finished painting the walls of the kitchen using Nature Paint. It looks pretty much like any other wall paint, but the colour varies a little across the walls. Once all the walls were painted it isn't so noticeable. Also the slight colour variation gives an authentic 'old building' look.

Next job is to paint the woodwork using Auro white gloss paint. This stuff is made in Germany and the main ingredients seem to be processed vegetable oils, minerals, water etc. Should be interesting to see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

looks really good!

what's the cost like compared to regular paint?

TheVille said...

2.5 litres of Crown emulsion is about £16 at B&Q.
Nature Paint costs £24 for the same amount.

I don't know how robust the paint will be, but assuming both lasted 10 years, then Crown would cost £1.6 per year and Nature Paint £2.4.

I am experimenting a bit, because i'm not sure how good it will be with condensation/mould.