Thursday, June 25

Model Boats!

Ok, so it isn't about Waterlooville. But i took the No. 40 bus down to Canoe Lake in Portsmouth at the weekend and watched some of the 'Henry 500' model boat display. Here are some photos:

manned model battleship

Yes that that is someone getting inside a model battleship. The Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team have large 'manned' models.

model ship of the line

This model 'ship of the line' is used in model battle simulations. Some of the guns actually 'fire' blanks. Other ships sink and others have there masts blown off. All via radio control.

WWII model battleship

A battleship from the WWII period.

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Anonymous said...

I popped down there with my girldfriend. we were puzzed why they weren't launching the boats. But reading the paper that other night it turns out the council forgot to refill the lake and the water levels were too low!

Still the farmers market was good