Friday, June 5

Home - the movie

Just finished watching Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s 'Home' which was released today on YouTube and shown on Sky Movies.

The narrator (Isabelle Delannoy?) along with the music make the film compelling to watch, and the imagery is stunning. The movie is about planet Earth and its development from a lifeless planet until today.

The one issue that is disappointing is the list of sponsors and funders, many of which are probably contributing to the problems that the film portrays. Despite this flaw, it is still a film that must be watched and you can do it here.


Anonymous said...

This film is fantastic in its honesty and openness. The stats are truely horrific though. It certainly gives a lot to think about.

I especially liked the way it ended on a more positive note though and wasn't overly preachy.

On a note about water resources what does everyone think about the proposed reservoir just next door in havant?


TheVille said...

The movie is quite stunning. It is interesting the way it has been released, i haven't seen such a well made movie released on YouTube.

Re reservoir.

I believe it is needed for the extra homes being built etc.
Personally I think all new homes should have rain water capture for the toilets and washing machine.

But also the homes are being dumped on the South East.

Anonymous said...

agreed on the need for the homes.

I just hope they make an effort in removing as much vegetation as possible.
During my degree we investigated the environmental effects reservoirs have, and the methane released from rotting vegetation is quite staggering. plus log piles make good habitats if the logs etc can be moved to other local woodlands.

the footage in this film was awsome. and again i agree that this is the best film i've seen on youtube so-far!

certainly made me think about further cutting down on the amount of meat I eat


TheVille said...

Yes, methane would be a problem if it isn't cleared.

Hydro electric schemes can have similar problems, it depends on the location and whether the reservoir level continually encroaches on the vegetation line around the reservoir.

I think you are right, the only problem with the Havant reservoir will be a possible initial methane 'spike' caused by submerged vegetation.