Thursday, October 15

It's BAD!

It's Blog Action Day 2009. This year it is about climate change and creating awareness. Haven't really thought about what to write though!

Ah, yes. The Catlin Arctic Survey news today about the Arctic sea ice being only one years worth thick and disappearing in 10 to 20 years. That should worry anyone. When it goes completely and the albedo effect is removed, then the darker seas will reflect less sunlight and the rate at which the earth warms will increase (a feedback effect). That's a scary prospect.

Melting sea ice won't raise sea levels in itself, but indirect affects will speed up glacier melt and the melting of other land based ice, this will increase sea levels. Read through some of my eco friendly tips on this blog if you want to help stop the ice melting trend.

Catlin Arctic Survey

Maldives underwater cabinet meeting:

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