Monday, October 5

x42 bus route

Actually used the new bus service today. It is quite impressive, took about 10 minutes to get to the QA hospital. The route is different to what I had suggested in my previous post.

At Waterlooville you have a choice of taking the bus to South Downs College or to Portsmouth and Gun Wharf Quays. The buses to Portsmouth are 5 minutes past the hour and 35 minutes past the hour. The South Downs College buses are at 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. These times are for most of the day, however the early morning and evening timetable is a bit different. All the x42 buses stop at the same bus stop, whether they are going to the college or Gun Wharf, so make sure you check the time or the destination on the front of the bus before getting on!

The journey is great, because the bus doesn't stop at many places and the route is direct. Basically if you're going to Portsmouth, you will only stop at Purbrook, QA Hospital, the Ferry Terminal, the City Centre and Gun Wharf Quays!

The motorway bit is from the Marriott hotel into the city. It means the bus avoids the city traffic and all those city stops. The journey time from Waterlooville to City Centre (Commercial Road) was about 25 minutes.

The bus also adds a service to South Downs College, supplementing the 37 and 39 that go to Havant. All in all, an excellent addition.

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