Tuesday, January 19

New Conservative candidates can't be trusted to mitigate climate change?

A recent poll of the new generation of Conservative MPs suggests that they aren't to bothered about anthropogenic climate change. It raises the question of whether the party could be trusted with the future of the countries environment and the numerous eco-businesses that have made excellent progress over the last 5 or so years.

It seems that even a new generation of MPs are incapable of thinking differently and of taking up the challenge of climate change. This is a great shame, because they are putting their own careers before the longer term security of the nation.

George Hollingbery is one of those new generation of Conservatives, if he placed a low priority on climate change, then he needs to explain why. If he placed it as a high priority, then he needs to explain how the Conservatives will address their backbenchers opposed to policies that would be designed to tackle climate change.

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