Sunday, January 24

Landlord set to close a Cosham shop

I have posted about this issue in the past, specifically about Waterlooville. In Cosham a clothing shop called Select is due to close down because the land lord want them out because the Costa coffee chain want the spot.

Often the problem regarding local small retailers closing is because land lords are chasing the money and bigger profits. Often a land lord will even chuck a business out of a property, just so that they can get the property back on the market again if they think they can get a better deal.

Large retailers and stores have more money and capital available to them, many own their properties or can afford to pay higher prices for a prime location, pushing out smaller local businesses. Although Select appears to be a small chain of stores as well, it is clear that a smaller local business would have even less of a chance to keep a property, when up against a big corporate.


Liz Valette said...

It's good to see that Alworths is filling the vacant Woolworth's in Cosham. Yesterday, after a trip to the 'tip', I walked round Port Solent. There is now only one retailer, all the rest are eateries and vacant units. It used to be a very lively place.

TheVille said...

Hi Liz,

I wonder what will happen to the woolworths premises in Waterlooville?

I haven't been to Port Solent for years. I'm guessing all the home owners there drive to the supermarkets and can afford to eat out.