Monday, February 1

More energy saving tips

Here is a photo of a Christmas present, not all pressies are equal, this one is brilliant. Steamers are one of those inventions that can't be faulted, modern and eco-friendly.

Here's a list of reasons why you must have a steamer:

1. You can cook all the veg you want on one hob ring/burner, saving energy and money
2. The veg keep their taste
3. The veg retain their vitamins
4. You don't have to cover the veg in water, so you use less water
5. The lid has to be kept on for it to work properly, saving energy and reducing condensation.

So far I have used it to cook carrots, broccoli and white cabbage.

I have also ordered a portable solar shower, designed for camping, but I'm going to try it out in the summer as an alternative to my electric energy guzzling shower. It's basically a big strong black coloured plastic bag that holds up to 20 litres of water, you just hang it up for a few hours in the Sun. The idea is to bring it in once it is warmed up and use it in the bathroom shower tray. Might be a bit heavy if full though? will have to see.


Liz Valette said...

You'd use less water if you only used it to rinse yourself with. Or you could rig it up permanently indoors and then fill it with sun heated water heated from other containers.

TheVille said...

It should be an interesting (and cheapish) experiment.

Something I wouldn't have considered years ago.

Mr Ives said...

Also if you have kids who don't eat many vegetables but love pasta, you can cook the pasta in the bottom, steaming the vegetables above. This way some of the vitamins ends up back in the pasta