Monday, May 17

Love Your Bike

Recently visited Palmerston Road in Portsmouth for a meeting, the first time in a few years. Turned up a bit early, so had a look around.

First thing I noticed was an interesting display of cycles in a Debenhams window. It was for the Portsmouth Love Your Bike event later this month. They seem to have a lot of sponsors this year and the web site is professionally designed. Quite impressive. You can check out custom bikes and stalls on 30th May at various locations, including Southsea Skatepark, Ian Parmiters Antiques and Little Johnny Russell’s.

Actually the main thing that caught my attention in the Debenhams window was the Go Cycle electric bike. Wow! An electric bike that has been designed from scratch and looks the part. The battery is integrated into the frame, but is easily replaceable. The frame is a light magnesium moulded structure, with a built in kick stand. According to the company web site, a shop in Winchester allows test rides.

Whilst waiting for the meeting, I popped into 'Heidi's Swiss Patisserie'.  I thought I was going to experience some continental pastries etc. But was confronted with Chelsea buns, Cornish pasties, iced buns, jacket potatoes, steak pies and donuts. There is a section called Continental breads, but other than standard British tin loaves, the only continental bread I could see was 'Greek' and ciabatta bread. People seem to spend a lot of time thinking up names for their businesses these days,  it's a pity that they can't also put some effort into a business plan that actually matches the name!

If small businesses want to compete, then at least be honest and straight forward, don't pretend to be something your not. Or maybe that is what society is about today, being flash with no substance?


Claire Sambrook said...

Hi - I have just received a phone call from Gocycle and they will nOT be coming down. There is a gocycle at the event - the one used in the debenhams window but it does not have a battery. Simon from Gocycle sends an apology. I am gutted.
Thought I would let you know.

TheVille said...

Thanks Claire for informing me.

I'll still come and have a look around. Shame about Gocycle though.