Sunday, May 16

Solar Battery Charger

Bought this solar battery charger/cycle lamp/torch over a year ago. At first I didn't use it much, however I now use it almost exclusively for recharging batteries.

Works really well, although in the current sort of weather (overcast) it takes about a week to charge batteries. But since I am only using it to charge batteries for remote controls and the batteries last years in those things, a week of charging is OK. It came with two adapters for charging AAA batteries (seen in photo). It does AA and AAA NiMH batteries. However these don't seem to work so well with the torch option the unit has, probably need more charging??

I have thought about getting a more powerful solar charger (bigger surface area), so that it is quicker. But since my main use for batteries is in remote controls, I don't see any justification for the expense.

There is something 'cool' about using free energy! At least as long as the charger and batteries are reliable.

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