Tuesday, January 8

New Waterlooville recycling facility

The new Waterlooville recycling centre is nearing completion, ready to be opened next week. It is situated next to the pylons and the cables are just above the road as you come away from the centre.

I hope they have checked the height of the high container vehicles that will be servicing the site, when they are stacked up with waste they can be quite high.

The site is bigger than the old one and is set well back behind the existing Taylor Wimpey housing development. This leads to the issue of just how many more homes will be built between the new facility and the rear of the existing Taylor Wimpey development.

Just before you get to the recycling centre there is a water saturated bit of land.

Looks like it is often a boggy area, but I think this years rains have probably added to the water levels.

Just under the pylons there are warning signs about deep water, two swans were paddling in a large pond in a protected area whilst I was there.

The new facility is accessed via the Wellington Park junction nearest to Denmead and the pylons. I'm afraid I don't know any of the names of the roads on the Wellington Park development, that includes the road that leads to the recycling facility.


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Catlin feel free to leave comments but it isn't a good idea to leave email addresses on public forums, comments, message boards etc.

I have no idea when Sainsburys will be opening. Hopefully never, but that is probably unlikely.