Wednesday, January 30

Pet cats vs wind turbines

When it comes to bird kills, pet cats beat wind turbines hands down.
The latest research published in Nature shows that pet cats in the US kill about 84,000 times more birds (2.4billion kills) than wind turbines (28500 kills). That's up from 1060 times estimated in previous research.

I mentioned this previously when Greenpeace recorded a conversation with MP Chris Heaton-Harris.

The RSPCA made a rather pathetic statement in a BBC report about the issue, suggested that a bell on a cats collar will make all the difference. This smacks of denial of responsibility in the face of losing millions of pounds of support from cat lovers who send in their pennies to the RSPCA and the wrath of a massive established pet industry.

It's time for the RSPCA to start thinking about preserving species in the 'wild' instead of sticking their heads in the sand, like so many other deniers around these days.

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