Sunday, October 27

Ecotricity freezes energy prices

Whilst the big six energy companies, (rightwing) newspapers and politicians lie their way through the current energy price rises and forget to mention climate change (which rears it's ugly head this weekend in the shape of a statistically significant storm).

Ecotricity is freezing its energy prices until 2014.

Dale Vince was on 'Broadcasting House' this morning pointing out that Ecotricity produced about 40% of it's own energy from renewable sources and was less vulnerable to external price rises from fossil fuels.

The propagandists will say that Ecotricity gets it's energy from the same place as anyone else. But the whole point is the big six don't have 40% of their energy from renewables. People sign up with companies like Ecotricity to 'invest' in renewables, with companies like Ecotricity you know they are commited to de-carbonisation, something that isn't obvious from the two faced big energy companies and politicians.

The dishonesty is in the way green energy is being used as a scapegoat to cover up fossil fuel price rises and the big six profiteering. Knocking £30 (the cost of FITs and RO) of renewable energy support off a £1250 energy bill in order to hide fossil fuel price rises and economic mismanagement, pretty much sums up how corrupt some people are in pursuit of power and business.

The science is fact, current climate change is caused by our carbon emissions, yet some people are willing to lie their heads off in order to save their political butts and investments.


Anonymous said...

Man made global warming is certainly not fact. None of the alarmist predictions have come true. We still have snow in winter. Sea levels have not risen. The recent storm was just "Weather"

TheVille said...


You can have your one comment to express your opinion but all further comments will be deleted.

Your comment is full of political propaganda pushed by activists in the comments sections of national newspapers.

Since you have chosen to make short statements, it's reasonable to break them down...

"Man made global warming is certainly not fact."

Global warming has been fact for about 190 years, when Fourier first did initial calculations. Since then we have progressively added to the knowledge and todays understanding of anthropogenic global warming is comprehensive and sufficient to make judgements on policy.

"None of the alarmist predictions have come true"

I take that as a political statement rather than a rational one. Nearly all the predictions have indeed come true, the planet is warmer today than it was when Fourier was alive. Over that 190 year period the temperature has for short periods been flat or even gone down, but the long term trend has been up. The 'facts' show it.

We still have snow in winter.

You are making that statement as if you are offering evidence that for some reason it won't snow in the winter as the planet gets warmer. Yet you provide no evidence to suggest that climate scientists have ever suggested it will stop snowing.
Seasonal cycles are background noise in the climate signal, there will be overall changes, but as the planet warms winter will still be colder as is always the case.
Your statement appears to be an expression of an assumption based on your own model of how you think things work.
I'll point out that IPCC AR5 indicated that the probability is that the UK will get cooler as a result of GW.

Sea levels have not risen

Sea levels are predicted to rise at accelerated rates later because of positive feedbacks, mainly land ice melting and thermal expansion of the oceans.
Sea levels have been rising for centuries, in that respect you don't even agree with 'Skeptics'! So maybe you need to sort out your story before posting comments.
This graphic highlights the fact that sea levels have been tracking the higher IPCC
sea level predictions:

The recent storm was just "Weather"

I stated it was statistically significant for a reason. Climate change science predicts that the frequency of extreme weather events will increase. Hence the recent storm will add to the statistics and evidence.
Also there is no such thing as 'just' weather. All weather has a cause, we add to our knowledge by understanding the causes, whether those are due to climate change or daily and seasonal orbital influences.

Anonymous said...
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TheVille said...


I stated any further comments would be deleted and I kept my word. You made your bed in your first 'political' comment.

Most of your second comment is garbage and I have no intention of allowing you to initiate false balance by pretending to be knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...
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