Saturday, April 19

Take a look at My Electric Avenue

This is a really interesting video by Robert. He investigates a new project that is looking at how the electricity grid at a local level can handle the increasing use of electric cars, solar panels etc.
The use of Smart Grid technology allows local substations to monitor local use and 'smart' car charging points in homes can be turned off for short periods when demand for cooking and other energy uses is high.
Basically it is energy management that avoids impacting on everyday life and the cars still get their batteries charged, in fact the cars have the potential for storing energy from the grid when there is an excess of supply.

The project involves a number of volunteer 'clusters' around the UK. For example a street of families (a cluster) would all have the use of a Nissan Leaf while the project is running and have the special car charging points installed at their homes.

Here's the video:

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