Wednesday, April 30

UKIPs dangerous environmental policies

UKIPs election leaflet was delivered recently in my area and apart from the usual rhetoric and misinformation, there is some bullshit about EU 'inspired' green taxes.

The taxes and regulations that UKIP refers to are not inspired by the EU at all, they are inspired by science, so logically if UKIP want to dispose of them, then they are denying the truth that science presents us. That is a very dangerous path to take considering the huge amount of evidence regarding climate change and the fact that we are responsible for the current changes in climate.

As the EU and UK 'green' policies are based on science, then it is a requirement of any political party to put in place verifible policies that will cut Carbon emissions. It doesn't matter whether we are in the EU or not, we will have policies to cut green house gases and they may or may not be expensive.

The question is, why do UKIP continue to deny the truth about climate science?
They have the evidence to read, produced by thousands of scientists, there is also an established history of climate and atmospheric science that started in 1800.

They also have easy access to numerous business reports from companies like Apple and the insurance industry, all of which understand that humans are responsible for current changes in climate.
They can see the damage done by recent flooding, they can see that the Arctic ice is in a downward spiral, they can see that seasons are changing, they can see some species are struggling, they can see the oceans are getting more acidic, they can see the higher frequency in extreme weather.

Despite all these things, they continue to advocate a policy of gambling with peoples lives. Any sane politician would admit that their knowledge of science is minimal and would accept advice from those that know better. Instead, UKIP sell a narrative that is packed with misinformation to suit a political ideology.

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