Thursday, June 19

A trip to Cowes Classic Boat Museum

Did another day trip to the Isle of Wight recently.
This time I took the fast passenger ferry to Ryde pier. From there I took the number 4 bus to East Cowes.
Bus rides on the island are great fun because of the rural nature of the island.

Anyways the idea was to visit the Classic Boat Museum and Gallery. The bus stopped outside Waitrose and from there it was a short walk to the gallery.

The gallery is in the old British Hovercraft Corporation factory and is like a museum as well, with photos, paintings, newspaper articles, models and videos.

It's a short walk from the gallery to the museum where they have some unusual exhibits including the Bembridge Kestrel which has a propellor instead of a sail.

A rescue boat that was dropped from aircraft in WWII to save air crew and sailors who couldn't be reached quickly by ship.

A remote controlled motor boat that was used for bombing practice.

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