Wednesday, June 4

The Government sticks to outdated economics...

...and takes a wrecking ball to the environment.

Sticking with anti-science economics, the government pushes ahead with numerous 'brown' policies that ignore the facts that science presents us.

Todays policy announcements include the degrading of house building standards (having already been degraded in previous changes), which is probably the worst possible thing that could be done considering that any new housing stock will be around for a long time. Any reduction in standards would help increase/maintain carbon emissions for the period that the homes would be in use. The original plans were to get to a point where new homes would save emissions and reduce energy bills to about £40 a year.

On top of that they are pushing through law changes to allow fracking and associated pipes to be run under our homes without our consent. As I previously pointed, if the government pushed ahead with building the gas fired power station capacity previously outlined and used them like 'normal' power stations, carbon emissions would increase.

Far from giving more rights to us locally and allegedly being the greenest government ever, they prefer to resort to 1980s economics and increased fossil fuel use.

The coalition is full of broken promises and continues to appease it's ideological predators on the fringes. Most of which bury their heads in the sand to avoid thinking about the consequences of their actions.

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