Sunday, January 31

A great and historic British invention is about to be destroyed

Some time ago I visited the Hovercraft museum at Lee On Solent:

BBC has reported that the two iconic cross-channel SRN4 Mountbatten class hovercraft kept at the museum are to be destroyed.

So why is it that these locally (Cowes, Isle of Wight) built machines that are one of a kind are being destroyed? This is a British invention and nothing like the SRN4 has been built anywhere else in the world, yet politicians, councillors and nutters can only complain about immigrants and the EU!

No immigrant or the EU can be blamed for this appalling disrespect for British invention, creativity and intellectual knowledge. How many of the political moaners and nutters have bothered to visit the museum or offered financial support?

Latest news is that the government own the site and hovercraft:


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