Saturday, January 16

New bamboo desk

Replaced an old computer desk this weekend which was no longer used for a computer but used as a general 'workbench'. The keyboard and printer shelves were basically redundant and made it very difficult to clean underneath with a vacuum cleaner (the castors were also broken).

So decided to buy a new traditional desk and work station. Really liked a unit at John Lewis which looked like it was made from wood, but in reality it was made of particle board and veneer finish. Plus it cost nearly £200!

£200 for a sub-standard desk??

Anyway had a look at what IKEA were offering and noticed a new desk that had a tubular steel frame/legs and a bamboo top. Perfect!
It is brilliant, light to. One person can pick it up, so no castors needed. The bamboo is the standard 'ply' engineered stuff  which is very strong. The desk top is about 2.5 inches thick and has 3 little draws in the front that are useful for storing pencils, rulers, paper etc

The desk is also very sturdy despite the steel frame looking a bit flimsy in the photo. You could also use it as a table. The rear has a good finish, so it doesn't have to be placed against a wall.

Bamboo is definitely the 'miracle' natural material of the decade, fast growing, very robust for furniture making but also silky smooth when used to make clothing and textiles (Rapanui clothing).

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