Saturday, July 29

Nokia 3310

Managed to get my hands on a Nokia 3310 this week via Argos.

These things are like gold dust, I had to check in on Argos every week for about two months before I found that they had a few that could be reserved.

First problem I had was that my old SIM card didn't work because it was to big. Then I had to get a 2G SIM card which basically excludes Three.

So I went with O2, pay as you go.

Having got it working, I am very pleased.
I don't have a smart phone, and the 3310 has 'near' smartphone features without actually being a smartphone.

Ignore the negative comments in the media, this 'basic' phone does much more than most basic phones. You can download games and Facebook or Twitter apps. You can also do basic browsing of the internet.

The sound quality for the radio and MP3 playback is very good and is easy to pair up Bluetooth headphones. Basically I love it, its the non-smartphone I have wanted for years but no one produced it.

Thumbs up here!

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