Monday, July 3

Pro-Brexit zenophobe harrasses British pensioners

I witnessed the ongoing racism and zenophobia unleashed by UKIP and the Tory party today with their campaign
for Brexit.

Four British pensioners were being harrassed on the No 7 bus by a racist Brexit fan for speaking Chinese and not English. The crazy and possibly drunk racist was confronted by another passenger regarding the their own language and credibility. The racist then began to harass the defending passenger, threatening violence and intimidating them.

The pensioners eventually got off the bus and the racist continued harrassing the defending passenger.
The whole episode was un-nerving and a number of passengers probably got off the bus before their final destination.

On a more logical note. Brexit will not stop people talking whatever language they want. That includes Klingon!

Or will it?
The fact is the pensioners stopped talking in Chinese because of the harassment. In other words 'nationalist' intimidation stopped their freedom. I think it is likely we will see more primitive behaviours like this unless something is done to stop it.

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