Sunday, June 8

Adventures with Natural Paint - episode 2

Having prepared the walls (washing, sanding and washing again) to make sure the surface was good, we decided to mix a very small sample of NaturePaint to test it out. As it was the first time, we were very careful weighing the powder and measuring the warm water. Anyway, having mixed a sample we brushed some on the wall. It was surprisingly good at covering considering it was a lot thinner than petro-chemical emulsion.

I think at this point i would suggest that anyone wanting to use this paint, ask NaturePaint to send cardboard paint chips of the colours they are interested in, as the colours printed on the swatches may not accurately match the actual paint colour. The cardboard chips are painted with the real stuff, so should match accurately the final finished colour.

Having used some of the paint, the remainder has been covered in cling film (see photo) and put in the fridge. This enables you to keep any unused paint for a few days.

BTW, i didn't mention this in the last post, but NaturePaint is supposed to absorb some CO2 when it dries!

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