Friday, June 13

Adventures with Natural Paint - episode 3

Well having trialled Nature Paint on a section of wall and getting used to mixing the paint, we are not sure about the colour! (See previous post about obtaining samples).

We are now going to get some Earth Born paint tester pots from Greener Living in Southsea to try out those paints and to see how well they cover. Meanwhile the remaining Nature Paint powder has been reserved for the kitchen.

I have to say that with Nature Paint the thickness of the paint on the wall does seem to change the colour and optical properties of the finish. Unlike petro-chemical paints that give a uniform colour finish, Nature Paint looks a bit more rustic and uneven in my opinion (it may be something to do with the particular colour chosen ). But then again, it is the first time i have used these paints so there are probably techniques to learn.

One promising feature of these natural paints is the idea that they could reduce condensation and mold problems. Because modern paint is basically a plastic coating on the wall, moisture collects on the surface in steamy rooms and then mold grows. With these natural paints, the moisture can penetrate through to the plaster (if you removed the old paint) and then released later as it evaporates. This should in theory remove/reduce the condensation problem and hence inhibit mold growth. Time will only tell if this is true!

BTW, anyone reading this probably thinks i am rolling in money!
Not true, one incentive is to eliminate the need to dispose of old paint tin cans as hazardous waste, another includes removal of fumes whilst painting and drying, another is that it is easy to waste money elsewhere on trivial rubbish, so why not spend a little more on something that is worth while instead. Finally the biggest incentive is to eliminate another source of fossil fuel usage.

Greener Living
Earth Born Paints

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