Sunday, June 15

Adventures with Natural Paint - episode 4

The samples of Earth Born paints are impressive. The Clay Paint in particular covers extremely well, with a nice uniform matt finish (the sort you would expect from a high quality popular brand such as Crown or Dulux) and i reckon in many cases only one coat would be needed, which potentially would make Clay Paint as cheap or cheaper than the low cost petro-chemical emulsion brands that you find in your local DIY superstore.

This is the sort of thing that really bugs me. We are so often conned, bullied and manipulated by big corporation bull crap on TV and the internet that the vast majority of us don't realise that being eco-friendly may in many cases be cheaper and less damaging. It just needs a little research and thought to get a perfectly modern and sustainable answer. But most people just blindly walk into a DIY superstore and buy a load of crap off the shelf.

So the decision has been made, Earth Born Clay Paint it is!

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