Sunday, November 22

Hampshire Police test electric car

Hampshire Constabulary are testing a Mitsubishi iMiEV with the idea of cutting down the forces carbon emissions. The iMiEV has a top speed of 81mph and a range of 100 miles. It costs just 96p to charge up. A few years ago the Constabulary trialled an electric Vectrix motorbike in Portsmouth, however I don't believe they bought any of those. It is expected that after the trial, the force will decide whether to take some iMiEVs when the vehicle is launched next year.

Hampshire Chronicle
BBC News
Mitsubishi iMiEV web site


Anonymous said...

I think it's very noble of the force to make an attempt at cutting its carbon footprint, but I don't think it should be high on their list of priorities, or even on their list of priorities!
Yes we all have a duty to 'do our bit' but with a max speed of 81mph I dont think its practical.

Maybe they should put a stop to the paperwork on their journey to sustainability. (my fathers in the police and moans alot about it!)


TheVille said...

There are a number of reasons why electric vehicles are being considered by organisations.

1. The technology has the potential of offering less maintenance, because of fewer moving parts.

2. The energy costs should be lower because of the superior efficiency of the powertrain.

3. Better acceleration than an internal combustion engine.

I think in an urban or suburban situation the vehicle should be just as good if not better in performance as a conventional vehicle. I would think the better acceleration would be useful in the short bursts of speed required in busy streets.
But I suspect the vehicles would be used for more basic policing than car chases.