Friday, November 6

Sainsburys pre-application forum update

It is unfortunate that the level of opposition to a new Sainsburys in Waterlooville is almost non-existent. It is also disappointing that the leaders of the Waterlooville Business Association decided to support the new development with a tone of desperation and pleading. Sad really.
Most concern is with road traffic, but one wonders how insistent HBC will be in making sure the concerns are met.

Thank goodness government legislation at least now makes sure some level of consideration is given to long term issues such as the environment, even if there is a level of greenwash in there somewhere. It is also nice to know that walking and cycling now have a much higher status on the transport planning agenda (partly as a result of encouraging healthy living, as well as climate change issues) and even some HBC councillors support cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

However because the focus is often still on car use and traffic, pedestrians and cyclists still need to be vocal as possible, making sure their opinions are voiced in the planning process. Otherwise all the car driving councillors will be focused on car traffic, basically because that's all they really know or understand.

On the positive side of things, it is good to know that new cycle paths are planned along the Milton road and between Denmead and Waterlooville. Sustrans are involved with this scheme and are looking at raising matched funding. Even if the Sainsburys juggernaut can not be stopped, it would be good if the transport developments near Sainsburys can link in with the planned Denmead/Waterlooville cycle route.

One issue that will affect the schedule of work will be the recycling centre, there is apparently a specific schedule for that to be moved and it is unlikely Sainsburys will be able to open any proposed store before the recycling centre is moved to a new location. The deadline date for the recycling centre move is July 2011, however if Taylor Wimpey manage to build 200 homes before then, the centre will be moved when the 200 home figure is reached.

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