Sunday, November 1

Sainsburys and traffic

There seems to be growing concern about the impact that the proposed Waterlooville Sainsburys will have on traffic on the old Hambledon road. The recycling centre (dump) opposite the proposed site is busy nearly every day with a queue of traffic waiting to get in.
The new Sainsburys is proposed to have a ground level car park for over 400 cars, with the store built on top of it. Ramps and lifts would allow access to the store, this would create more traffic, creating additional stress for pedestrians and cyclists.

As well as a Sainsburys store, the company is proposing a petrol station on the vacated Sprint Print site. This will create more traffic and given that we are on the 'road' to a move away from petrol and on to electric vehicles, this proposal seems outdated and archaic. It really negates the environmental features (greenwash) Sainsburys are proposing for the store and highlights the fact that Sainsburys is 'anti-local' by promoting car use.

There is a possibility that the closed off Hambledon road between Milton road and Aston road could be re-opened so that traffic can flow past the houses. I'm sure residents along that road will be pleased (not). Currently the road provides a quiet and peaceful pedestrian and cycling route for many residents that live along Milton road and towards Denmead.

It is unlikely that visitors to the store will be bothered about visiting Waterlooville town centre, despite any claims Sainsburys might make, such a store would move the focus away from the traditional centre of the town, which continues to have difficulty to fill the existing small retail units.

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Stu said...

I believe that if the Sainsbury development goes ahead, Asda will pull out of Waterlooville, which would create another empty section near the town centre. A more sensible thing to do would be to move the 'dump' to a more suitable location, and use the vacant land as better access, possibly a roundabout. That said, I am still unhappy about the location of the proposed Sainsburys, it being too near a residential area.