Saturday, July 17

Steamboat Willy

Took the bus down to Pompey Green Fair today. There were some interesting stalls down there. But by far the most interesting thing was 'Steamboat Willy' a peddle powered hovercraft. Quite amazing to watch. Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, which I regret having seen it in action.
The craft is made from very light weight materials and volunteers getting on it were given instructions on how to get on it! They had to tread carefully because it is so delicate.
I can confirm it has no power sources although it is hard to believe.

Here's a Youtube video (not at the fair):

Steamboat Willy web site


Anonymous said...

That looks awsome!! I am guttd to have missed the green fair this year.

Here's a link to a BBC news video I found last night, I'm amazed this craft has been up for a week and they're aiming for 2! Its a real shame that it has potentially destructive uses as a military vehicle but still the technology alone is incredible, plus its a British design!!


TheVille said...

Crumbs, I only just posted the article!

What link??

Have you seen the wind vehicle that travels 3 times faster then the wind powering it (from the Dales Zerocarbonista blog):

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to paste it in!!